Yoga with Justine


Saturday - October 13, 2012

Gentle Yoga Therapy with Justine Shelton (9:00am - 5:00pm) - $99

This session will provide a solid foundation for teaching yoga to students with spinal injuries, joint limitations and/or skeletal misalignments. Particular attention will be given to the common low back and joint conditions you, as a yoga teacher, will most likely see in a mixed group class setting. Modifications, contraindications, use of props and sequencing will be presented to help you create a safe and effective class for your students.
  • Introduction to the Philosophy of Viniyoga - Learn the basic fundamentals of Viniyoga, a therapeutic style of yoga that incorporates breath as the primacy of movement, adaptation of the form of asana to fit the practitioner, combination of repetition and stay to work with the biomechanics of movement and the art and science of sequencing. We will discuss preparation and compensation for poses, structural alignment and common 'release valves' seen in practitioners.
  • Structural Anatomy - Form, Function, Dysfunction and Contraindications - Using anatomical models we will cover basic anatomy yoga teachers should know, less from a 'naming the terms' standpoint and more from an understanding of how the parts work together! Primary importance will be given to covering the structure of the spine and spinal curvatures. Also discussed will be the relationship between the axial and appendicular skeleton, major muscles, anatomy of the pelvic and shoulder girdles as well as knees and ankles.

    Our time together will explore what poses are effective for working with several common conditions, including knee and hip replacements which are becoming more common in our society, and our classes.

  • Body Reading: Philosophy and Tools for Self and Student Assessment - Body reading is an art that may take a lifetime to master....and what a fascinating journey! We will have an interactive discussion with practice looking at bodies to see what lies hidden in movement patterns and posture that may unlock the key to helping your students at a deeper level. This class will not only focus on teachers learning what to look for, but also provide tools to help our students in self discovery of their own bodies patterns.

Location: Shelton Firehouse, 619 S. Cleveland St., Oceanside, CA 92054 - 760-630-9642

Sunday - October 14, 2012

Gentle Yoga for Cancer Recovery with Justine Shelton (3:00am - 6:00pm) - $49

This session will cover working with students who are in various stages of cancer treatment and recovery. We will also discuss the emotional impact of working with this demographic and how to care for yourself so you can keep giving to your students.
  • Philosophy of Recovery - Key areas to consider when teaching this demographic. Topics covered will be calming the nervous system and reducing stress, boosting the immune system, the role of the lymphatic system, pain management and treatment side-effects. Contraindications for certain conditions will be covered. We will also discuss recommended reading, nutritional and alternative medicine suggestions, and holding space for your students. Key to recovery is also building a sense of community and giving students effective tools they can use to aid in their healing journey and gain self empowerment.
  • Experiential Session - Beneficial gentle and restorative asanas will be explored in addition to simple, safe pranayama practices. Pranayama (breath technology) is the quickest and easiest way to regulate the Autonomic Nervous System and bring our bodies out of 'Fight or Flight' and into 'Rest and Digest.' These techniques are invaluable in helping people cope with treatment, and can be done even while receiving chemotherapy. Stress is a key player in all disease, and empowering your students with the ability to keep the stress in check is key in helping them in their healing journey.

Location: Shelton Firehouse, 619 S. Cleveland St., Oceanside, CA 92054 - 760-630-9642



"Justine is incredibly knowledgeable. I really gained a better perspective on how to keep students safe."

"Very passionate teacher, lots of info and a good class."

"Learned a lot about Anatomy, Justine is great! So much helpful info and great explanations."

"Very knowledgeable, very interesting. Loved it! Great teacher!"