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Justine Shelton shares her expertise in yoga therapy through her Gentle Yoga DVDs, Illustrated Guidebooks and YouTube Instructional videos. Justine has a wealth of knowledge and experience and conveys in layman's terms the healing powers of yoga through her multi-media offerings. Her Gentle Yoga for a Healthy Low Back DVD has international exposure and has been highly acclaimed by reviewers and yoga students alike.

Gentle Yoga Therapy Workbooks

Gentle Yoga Therapy Guidebook for the Low Back, Knees and Hips - by Justine Shelton, E-RYT and AVI-Certified Viniyoga Therapist

Comprehensive Guidebook for Healthy Low Back, Hips and Knees. Includes over 40 poses, therapeutic modifications and teaching instructions.

Price: $29.95

Gentle Yoga Therapy Guidebook for a Healthy Low Back - by Justine Shelton, E-RYT and AVI-Certified Viniyoga Therapist

Healthy Low Back Workbook for Yoga Teachers and Practitioners includes therapeutic poses, modifications, sequences and teaching instructions.

Price: $19.95


Instructional Videos

Gentle Yoga Stretches for Knee Pain - After her college basketball career, Certified Viniyoga Therapist Justine Shelton searched for ways to relieve her knee pain. Following the advice of Aadil Palkhivala of Purna Yoga, she realized her knee pain was related to her tight hips and back.
Yoga for Life - No Matter what Age! - What kind of yoga can sustain you through your 30s, 40s, 50s and well into your senior years? Hear why Viniyoga and its gentle and approachable method can ...
Reasons and Remedies for Tight Shoulders: Perhaps your Infraspinatus Muscle is working too hard! - From Deskworkers to Massage Therapists to anyone else who uses their upper body for extended periods of time, learn why your shoulders become tight and sore, and what movements and remedies can make you feel better!

Yoga Journal Magazine DVD Review

"The information [Shelton] provides, including the purpose and benefits of each exercise, and her specific instructions... are first rate!"
Richard Rosen, Yoga Journal Magazine

Gentle Yoga Therapy DVDs

Gentle Yoga for a Healthy Low Back DVD

Daily Practice for Arthritis, Sciatica, Scoliosis and other Back Ailments (45-min)

Description: Gentle enough for beginners, and beneficial for all who suffer from low back pain! Three individual series to strengthen and lengthen your back and relieve pain.

Price: $24.95

"With her calm demeanor and soothing voice, Shelton is an excellent instructor, nicely explaining the 16 poses that are demonstrated by two women." National Librarian, Public Library System.

Gentle Yoga for Healthy Knees and Hips DVD

2-DVD Set! Essential Yoga Movements for Therapy and Rehabilitation of Your Joints (60-min)

Description: Great for Athletes, Seniors, Arthritis Sufferers and Anyone suffering from limited and/or painful joint movements. These yoga stretches will help create freedom of movement in the hips and knees so that you can feel better!

Price: $24.95

"Gentle Yoga for a Healthy Low Back as well as the other dvd made by Justine, Gentle Yoga for Healthy Knees & Hips are carefully designed sequences that are safe and therapeutic. The guidance & cueing by Justine is excellent. As a Viniyoga Instructor myself, I have recommended these dvds to my students and they have benefited from the practices. ". Gina Hart Library System.

Gentle Yoga Therapy for the SI Joint DVD

Includes series of poses and modifications for the SI Joint (25-min)

Description: SI Joint misalignment creates asymmetry in the body which can be experienced as low back pain, knee and ankle pain and even shoulder pain. Working with the SI Joint requires slow and methodical movements to increase circulation, stabilize the position of the SI Joint and strengthen the muscular around the joint to keep it secure so that you can continue doing the things you love!

Price: $24.95

"Just wanted to check-in with you about your new DVD for SI joints. I've practiced with it a few times and found the poses simple and easy to do. My SI joint is doing well, even after a couple of weeks of traveling, so I will keep up your program. Doing the half bridge as demonstrated in the DVD, I find I can more often get a single vertebrae down. Typically, it's two at a time and my sacrum can't wait to feel the floor again. The first two poses --heel lifts with arms and modified forward bend-- are such good warm-ups for the back, I will be sharing them with my senior students." Michele