Yoga with Justine
Justine Justine came to yoga for relief of physical pain and limitations after her collegiate athletic career. Determined to share with others the healing benefits she received from her yoga practice, she specializes in rehabilitative yoga, specifically spinal disc injuries as well as joint therapy.

Justine is an E-RYT500 Yoga Teacher, Certified Viniyoga Therapist and holds the highest level teacher certification from the American Viniyoga Institute, the leader in the emerging field of Yoga Therapy.

Areas of Specialties

  • Low Back and Joint Rehabilitation
  • Cancer Recovery
  • Advanced Gentle Yoga Teacher Training
  • Private Therapeutics
  • Holistic Healing Modalities

Teacher Training

Justine is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Yoga Vista Academy, an advanced Gentle Yoga Teacher Training School and Accreditation Program. She leads the Gentle Yoga Therapy and Anatomy course development, educational video content and training materials for the Academy. For more information on the Workshops and Courses taught by Justine

Private Sessions

Justine offers both in-person and remote private therapeutic assessments and customized Gentle Yoga Therapy recovery plans. Whether you are suffering from an injury, health setback, chronic or acute issue, Justine will collaborate with you to create a yoga program that is specific to you and your lifestyle. Find out how you can benefit from her unique, personalized Gentle Yoga Therapy video sequences specifically for your health issues.

Media Library

Justine shares her expertise in yoga therapy through her Gentle Yoga DVDs, Illustrated Guidebooks and YouTube Instructional videos. Justine has a wealth of knowledge and experience and conveys in layman's terms the healing powers of yoga through her multi-media offerings. Her Gentle Yoga for a Healthy Low Back DVD has international exposure and has been highly acclaimed by reviewers and yoga students alike.


"So while other western instructors are slowly waking to the fact that most of their students are physically limited but continue to teach as though every student is an aspiring yoga master. Justine is years down the path to true yoga for every soul no matter what package that soul lives in." read more

Instructional Videos

Tight Hip Relief - Gently Open and Release External and Internal Hip Rotators - Painful knees, tight hips and low back pain can go hand-and-hand, and thus why it is important to work on releasing tension in the Hip Flexors.
Got Knees? Get Yoga! 3 Movements for Healthy Knees - Learn why these 3 essential movements will help keep your knees servicing you with every step you take!

Ask Justine

Question: I have problems with my lower back and it was suggested by my doctor to do yoga. He also said remember "BLT" - Do not bend, lift or twist with a back like mine. My L4 and L5 are out of alignment which has created hip trouble from time to time. I just had a second shot in my spine on Wednesday and have gotten relief for the hip but not my back. What type of yoga would be good for me? I'm a 54 year old female. I sat in an office chair leaning forward for over 20 years then as a housecleaner for over 7 years.

Answer: Yoga could be a great help to you and you need to know the contraindications for your condition so you don't do harm. From your question it sounds as though in addition to having  L-4 and L-5 out of alignment, you also have at least degenerative disc disease if not bulging or blown discs.  I am assuming the shot in your back was to help relieve pressure on the nerves. The safest position for you to practice yoga in is ...